Basement Waterproofing - Preparing a Basement for Finishing in Syracuse

May 21, 2010: This Syracuse homeowner had a partially finished basement that was simply rotting away due to a combination of common basement problems. This basement suffered from poor drainage that was leading to water seepage and high moisture levels. The basement also was home to a sump pump that wasn't powerful enough to handle the amount of water pouring in and lastly the basement was finished with the wrong choice of finishing materials, which were all organic and absorbent, thus supporting mold growth.

After completely stripping the old finishes and improving drainage with a full perimeter drainage system, Wilcox Basement Systems installed a powerful TripleSafe sump pump system, with not one, but two backup pumps, including a battery operated unit that will protect the basement in case of power outages. The TripleSafe system reduces the odds of a basement flood to statistical insignificance.

After that, the previously finished area received "Basement to Beautiful" wall panels. These panels are made with R-13, graphite-infused, 100% rigid foam board insulation, with built-in metal studs that can be used to hang drywall, wood paneling, cement boards or any typical wall finish. The panels also have built in channels for wiring while also making the basement more comfortable and energy efficient, and protecting against moisture.

The floor was lined with ThermalDry basement subfloor tiles. These 100% waterproof, inorganic tiles can be used as subfloor under carpet, wooden laminates and many types of conventional flooring. They have a system of channels in the back that allow the moisture from the slab to dry, while acting as a vapor barrier, keeping the moisture from soaking into the carpet or flooring or evaporating into the basement.

The unfinished portions of the basement received two types of wall treatment. CleanSpace liner was applied to the utility room to hide the ugly, dingy walls. Other areas received BrightWall panels, to spruce up the look of the walls, giving them a semi-finished appearance. Both products act as a vapor barrier, keeping the moisture from evaporating into the basement, while collecting any water that seeps through the walls diverting it to the perimeter drain.

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