Foundation Repair Customer Testimonial from Karen N. in Syracuse, NY

I found out in the summer of 2007 when my house was inspected prior to closing a real estate sale that the up hill foundation was beginning to bow, a condition that I could not discern with my own eyes.  I had it checked out by an architectural engineer, who confirmed the diagnosis.  I then contacted three foundation specialists to get quotes for repairing or replacing the wall and chose Wilcox Basement Systems.  It proved to be the correct choice, and I would recommend them to any one for the following reasons. 

1.  Mike Dorsino who came out to estimate the work, was thorough and professional.  He spent at least an hour looking at all aspects of the problem, took photos and measurements, then sat down with me to explain all the alternatives using nontechnical language, hand drawings, and company literature to make sure I understood what he was proposing.  He seemed genuinely sorry that one of the less expensive fixes was not workable on my property.  He was also available to answer questions by phone after his visit. 

In contrast, the other two contractors I asked to come to the house spent no more than 10 minutes looking at the work to be done.  One of them, in fact, offered a solution that would "make people feel better," but which, I later learned, would not keep the wall from further bowing in.

2.  The team that was sent out to do the work came out on time, did their work in a professional manner, and were totally respectful of my property.  They answered my questions and allowed me to photograph them at work on what, to me was a monumental undertaking.

The work ethic that the team exhibited was incredible.  Much of the work involved carrying pieces of the entire wall out in five gallon buckets as there was not other way to remove it.  It appeared to me that the men did not even stop for lunch breaks or any other kind of breaks.  The work proceeded with military precision, and everyone of the team did what was needed to be done. 

In addition all of the men took pride in their work, something that is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare in todays world.  And the finished product was a beautiful, straight, and strong wall reinforced with steel rods and concrete with an outer surface of a high tech water barrier.

3.  I had signed a contract with Wilcox acknowledging that I would need to do some lawn repair when the job was finished.  I had envisioned a ravaged landscape with piles of dirt requiring a fair amount of reconstruction.  This was, however, far from the case.  I could hardly tell where the trenching was done to install a drain pipe as the sod removed for the trench was immediately replaced and smoothed over.  The backhoe was able to navigate two decorative trees, one of which I was sure would have to be removed.  Plywood underneath the treads of the backhoe kept the depression minimal, though the hoe was in place for several days.  Dirt and mess inside the home was kept to a minimal.  There was no noticeable dust in the living quarters, thanks to protective sheeting and the surfaces that the men walked on to do their work was protected with cardboard treads.

- Karen N. of Syracuse, NY
Monday, July 21st
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