Crawl Space Repair - Fixing A Crawl Space Foundation in Oneida, NY | Wilcox Basement Systems Case Study

3-30-2009 -- Mike Dorsino is an estimator for Wilcox Basement Systems a basement waterproofing, crawl space and foundation repair company serving Syracuse, Utica, Liverpool, Rome, Watertown and nearby areas in New York.

When he was called to inspect this home in Oneida, he knew by the homeowner's complaints that the source of the problem could be the crawl space, because the home presented all the classic symptoms of a crawl space moisture issue, including cracks on the drywall as well as uneven, sagging and squeaking floors.
Sure enough, further investigation of the space, unveiled many problems which included a leaky pipe, poor drainage which lead to a structural failure, and mold causing the wooden structure to rot. The crawl space needed help.

Wilcox solved the problem by installing adequate drainage and a sump pump system to keep water from pooling in the crawl. Rotten wood joists were replaced and supporting piles were installed to restore structural integrity to the crawl space.

They then encapsulated the area with the exclusive CleanSpace System, completely isolating the crawl from the two biggest sources of moisture: ground and outside air. A SaniDry CSP dehumidifier was then installed to keep moisture levels below 60%, thus preventing mold growth.

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