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Wilcox Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Auburn. Learn more about Wilcox Basement Systems's recent work requests in Auburn and nearby areas!

Learn more about Wilcox Basement Systems' recent work requests in Auburn, NY
Vicinity of South Hurd Circle in Auburn
Small corner of my basement gets minimal amount of water during heaving rains (approximately 15ft along wall)
Vicinity of in Auburn
Water is getting in my basement when i get heavy rain or when snow melts.
Vicinity of Burt Ave in Auburn
My basement is flooded. I have a sump basin but no sump pump. Looking to see what I can do to prevent future flooding.
Vicinity of Lakehurst Dr in Auburn
Have water seeping into basement from under foundation. Wondering if I can have someone look at it and get some idea or direction. Thank you
Vicinity of South Street in Auburn
Hello. We are having moisture issues in our basement. heavy rains create leaks, seepage through the floor and some standing water. Looking for an estimate...and a dry basement. If you could call the above number of shoot me an email to make an appointment for an estimate, that would be great. Thank you.
Vicinity of Beardsley St in Auburn
Looking to see if my foundation is in need of any repair. We just bought our home in April and are looking into renovations. I want to make sure that the structure is all set before i invest in cosmetic changes. We get minor seeping from the outside during really wet periods and during the first major melt after winter. Some mortar is also cracked and broke away in a few places.
Vicinity of N. Marvine Ave in Auburn
After heavy rains I am getting water in my basement...not a lot but I would like to get it resolved. Thanks
Vicinity of in Auburn
Crawlspace encapsilation
Vicinity of East Lakeview Drive in Auburn
I would like to talk about insulating a crawl space. Thank you.
Vicinity of East Lakeview Dr. in Auburn
Interested in seeing what would be required to repair/replace existing crawl space insulation under small cottage.
Vicinity of Cady St in Auburn
My basement is old, stonework old. It always smells musty, and its almost always wet. I need some help figuring out what needs to be done. Thank you.
Vicinity of Franklin Street in Auburn
Wet gross smelly basement. No sump pump, water seeps, pools, drips, wells up in places where concrete is cracked or missing. Mold. Smells bad also because our cats have peed in places where concrete a missing especially when it gets wet. So bad.
Vicinity of West St. in Auburn
Currently renting to own the house we're in and I cant tell if there's anything wrong with the foundation and would like to know if there is before I buy it and if its worth getting it fixed.
Vicinity of South St in Auburn
I have bowed foundation walls. The yard is accessible to use earth anchors.. I would like an estimate for installation...
Vicinity of Lawton Ave in Auburn
Have visible cracks on two different corners of the house foundation that can be seen outside of the house. It will leak on the basement floor internally any time it rains outside.
Vicinity of Fitch Ave in Auburn
We are seeing some evidence that the foundation of our home, a large colonial revival built in 1920, is compromised and in need of repair. It is a large 3 story home with a full basement. There are cracks in many of the walls and ceilings that look like they have been repaired (spakled and painted over) many times in the past. Also, some doors in our home are not closing or are starting to scrape on the floor. We would like an inspection and estimate as soon as possible. Thank you
Vicinity of Turnpike Road in Auburn
Originally, I just wanted an estimate to upgrade my sump pump system - I seem to have problems with the float switch too frequently & I am concerned about power outages ... I was looking at the Triple Safe Sump Pump. I also have some sort of drain pipe into my current sump well area that I believe comes in from outside ??? However, after looking at your website I would also like you to look at and provide an estimate for an interior perimeter drainage system. Thank you!
Vicinity of Belmont Ave. in Auburn
Hi. I was looking for a price quote on basement waterproofing. My basement is about 60' X 26'. After trying many different things I think the water guard drainage system is what im looking for. Thank you.
Vicinity of Aldrich Ave in Auburn
I'm interested in getting a quote for insulating my crawl space. Additionally, I would like a separate quote on methods to reduce the humidity in my full, unfinished basement. Thank you. Email is much preferred.
Vicinity of Aldrich Ave in Auburn
I'm interested in getting a quote for insulating my crawl space. Additionally, I would like a separate quote on methods to reduce the humidity in my full, unfinished basement. Thank you. Email is much preferred.

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